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Active Silicon frame grabbers GPU-compatible

Active Silicon is a leading manufacturer of embedded systems, machine vision products and imaging solutions. We are pleased to announce that all our frame grabbers are compatible with both AMD‘s DirectGMA and NVIDIA’s GPUDirect for Video.

DirectGMA and GPUDirect for Video enable many filter, convolution and matrix-vector operations to be performed by the GPU directly on data from a frame grabber without the need to be processed by system buffers or by the CPU. This makes data acquisition very fast with very low latency as the GPU memory is made directly accessible to the frame grabber. Modern GPUs are extremely efficient at processing images and graphics, and their parallel structure makes them particularly well suited to uses where large blocks of data need to be processed in parallel.

All Active Silicon FireBird and Phoenix frame grabbers are compatible with GPUDirect for Video and DirectGMA.

Our well documented API and Software development kit (SDK) sample code allows for easy integration of parallel computing techniques on standard PC hardware.

Active Silicon’s SDK includes a comprehensive suite of C++ examples for GPUDirect for Video and DirectGMA with full source code. Our API supports CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL and DirectX and is consistent across operating systems and hardware platforms allowing easy migration. And with Active Silicon’s RISC based ActiveDMA technology, our FireBird frame grabbers work virtually latency free.

We’ve published details on our website ( to help you understand the processes involved when running both Windows and Linux OS, and the setup requirements for both DirectDMA and GPUDirect for Video to help you know what’s needed and how best to get started, including a video demo of GPU processing.


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