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KY-FGK-801 frame grabber compatible with the VC-12MX2 camera

KAYA Instruments and Vieworks Co., Ltd. gladly announce that, the Komodo 8-channel CoaXPress Frame Grabber, KY-FGK-801 by KAYA Instruments is fully compatible with the VC-12MX2 8-channel CoaXPress High-Speed CMOS Camera by Vieworks.

The Komodo 8-channel CoaXPress card is the best in class Frame Grabber supporting CoaXPress standard. The KY-FGK-801 is capable of receiving video streams from up to 8 CoaXPress links in single, dual, quad or octal modes. It is used for simultaneous capture from up to two quad link cameras. Each link supports standard CoaXPress bitrates up to 6.25 Gbps.

VC Series is high-resolution CMOS digital cameras for machine vision. Equipped with the latest global shutter CMOS image sensor technology available today. VC-12MX2-Mono /Color 330 camera has 4096 × 3072 resolution, 330 fps frame rate, 5.5㎛×5.5㎛ pixel size and CMOSIS CMV 12000 image sensor.


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