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Laser Components to supply Xenics cameras in US

Xenics USA, Inc., Xenics North and Latin American office covering the full spectral range of Xenics' advanced infrared imagers, cores and cameras, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Laser Components’ North American sales, marketing and distribution office. With this new agreement, Laser Components USA, Inc. will become the partner to sell and market Xenics in-house developed SWIR line-scan imagers with rectangular pixels. This partnership will further extend Xenics position in the North American IR spectroscopy market. The agreement was jointly signed on February 12, 2016 at the Photonics West Trade show held in San Francisco.

Laser Components USA, Inc. (LC USA) offers products manufactured by the Laser Components Group such as InGaAs PIN photodiodes, PbS & PbSe Detectors, Pyroelectric Detectors, laser modules, single photon counting modules, laser diodes and laser optics. In addition, they act as a Distributor for leading US, Asian and European based companies in this field. LC USA will add Xenics Xlin-R series to their distribution product line to complement their own line of IR detectors.

“We are very pleased to introduce Xenics as our new partner”, said Gary Hayes, General Manager of Laser Components USA, Inc. He further commented, stating “this truly compliments and reconfirms our goal to not only expand our product line offering, but to also grow our sales in this specific market. With Xenics experience in development  and production, they are an innovative company and we look forward to growing successfully together.”

The Xlin-R SWIR line-scan imager is competitively-priced and offers state-of-the-art technology with a resolution of up to 2048 pixels and is sensitive between 0.9 and 1.7 µm. The rectangular pixel architecture has been specifically designed for higher sensitivity to respond to the demand for shortwave-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and medical OCT at 1.3 µm. Applications for these imagers can be found in the telecom industry, the medical and chemical sector, as well as in low light level applications such as raman, emission and luminescence spectroscopy. A key characteristic of the Xlin-R series is a large variety of gain settings for specific application optimization.

Xenics has chosen the Laser Components Group as a strategic partner based on their extensive experience in high quality optoelectronic and laser component products over 30 years. With their in-house production facilities and highly-skilled employees they can offer a broad product portfolio and perfectly understand the customer’s needs. “After taking the first successful steps in Europe, it was time to extended our partnership in North America”, said Herve Copin, CEO of Xenics USA, Inc. “We believe in the market growth of the spectroscopy market in North America who is in need of compact, high speed, affordable and easy-to-integrate line-scan imagers sensitive beyond the visible.”


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