BendingStudio together with MoveInspect HR

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For piping manufacture, Aicon 3D Systems has introduced the software platform BendingStudio, operating with the optical 3D measuring system MoveInspect HR and the handheld MI.Pro.

The software platform BendingStudio connects all data and processes around the production of bended parts, allowing manufacturers to monitor, quantify, visualise and document changes in the process steps. MoveInspect HR is easy to handle, portable, flexible and highly reliable.

BendingStudio with MoveInspect HR is applicable for pipes from 150mm diameter. The software platform is compatible with all existing MoveInspect HR configurations. The measuring system can be connected to the customer’s database.

Besides tube measurement, other measuring tasks are possible with BendingStudio and MoveInspect HR, such as measurement of profiles and free-form bended tubes. It is extendable for further inspection tasks.