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KT camera family

Sensors Unlimited has introduced the NIR/SWIR imaging capability for UAV and UGV (unmanned aerial and ground vehicle) applications. The KT camera family features night vision and laser detection capability from the NIR (near infrared) to the SWIR (shortwave infrared) portion of the spectrum. Available in small, lightweight, high sensitivity camera packages and with 320 x 256 pixel or 640 x 512 pixel resolution, the compact imagers are ideal for integration into UAV payloads.

New processing techniques developed by Sensors Unlimited team have pushed capabilities of the NIR/SWIR camera to see light wavelengths from 0.7μm to 1.7μm, allowing the end user to detect and track a wide range of military lasers. The tiny imagers utilise the company's proprietary indium gallium arsenide-night vision (InGaAs-NV) technology to detect and track a broad range of battlefield infrared lasers As InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) night vision (NV) technology detects light, the NIR/SWIR cameras provide exceptional clarity in both day and night conditions, from partial starlight to direct sun illumination.

The KT cameras are suited for integration into night vision and laser detection systems on unmanned vehicles, rifle scopes, precision-guided munitions and hostile fire indicators.


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