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Higher line rate for SU-LDH Camera

Sensors Unlimited has produced a higher line rate for its SU-LDH Digital Line Scan Near-Infrared Camera. 

The near infrared (NIR) InGaAs camera increases line rates for 1024 pixels to greater than 46,000 lines per second, making it suitable for FD-OCT (Fourier domain optical coherence tomography).  For high-data-rate industrial process control and machine vision, the new SU-LDH provides wavelength response from 0.8 to 1.7 microns.
The SU-LDH camera features high sensitivity, room-temperature-stabilised operation and integrate-while-read capability for faster readout speeds with minimal dead time.

The next-generation high speed imager is also used for hot glass and metals processing, agricultural inspection, wood inspection, remote ground sensing, materials classification and sorting, and high-speed spectroscopy.


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