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NIR/SWIR camera

Sensors Unlimited has launched a new night vision and laser detection camera that is effective from near infrared (NIR) to shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths, beyond the scope of traditional night vision goggles.

New processing techniques allow the NIR/SWIR camera to detect wavelengths from 0.7µm to 1.7µm, compared to traditional night vision cameras, which are only effective up to approximately 1.0µm. NIR/SWIR's extended capabilities allow the end user to detect and track a wide range of military lasers, including the covert eye-safe 1.5µm laser.

Unlike thermal night vision cameras, which detect heat signature, the NIR/SWIR camera uses Sensors Unlimited indium gallium arsenide-night vision (InGaAs-NV) technology to detect light and therefore provides exceptional clarity for both day and night use.

Available with either 320 x 256 or 640 x 512 resolution, the lightweight NIR/SWIR cameras are ideal for integration into night vision and laser detection systems on unmanned aerial or ground vehicles, rifle scopes, precision guided munitions, and hostile fire indicators. Potential industrial applications include machine vision to detect moisture, manufacturing imperfections, integrity of seals or joints, and other characteristics that affect product quality.


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