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KSU5600 USB colour video camera controller

NET (New Electronic Technology) has launched the KSU5600 USB colour video camera controller for remote camera heads. The camera controller works with Sony CCD image sensors from 1/10-inch to 1/2-inch and sends a digital sensor signal with a 10-bit resolution.

KSU5600 measures 65 x 19mm and is powered a USB 2.0 interface. Camera controller functions are adjusted via the USB connection in conjunction with the NET adjustment program. The adjustment program is user-friendly and includes adjustment of gamma, ALC, colour and shutter values.

The required signal delay setting for the cable length (up to 15m) can be adjusted with NET's software. The camera head can be connected with the controller in two different ways: either over a flex-pcb or by a connector assembly.

Push buttons can be used in conjunction with the controller to offer the user remote control of the camera without using a USB connection to the PC. The push buttons will be pre-configured and allow the selection of shutter speed, automatic or manual white balance, or the gain adjustment, among others. In this way up to 20 buttons can be connected to the KSU5600 controller. The controller displays the status of the selected button that has been pushed in the image to inform the user of the current setting.

The variety of options supplied allows the integration of NET's camera controller in any industrial or medical application.


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