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iCube camera family

NET has released its iCube camera family, a small, compact camera with a USB2.0 interface.

The iCube series consists of two monochrome and five colour cameras in two versions, either complete with housing or as a camera module, for installation in machines and industrial facilities. Micron CMOS image sensors with resolutions ranging from WVGA to 5 Megapixels provide an effective plug-and-play solution and frame rates of up to 87fps for all models. Higher frame rates are attainable by selecting the free scalable ROI (Region of Interest), binning or the sub-sampling mode.

The iCube family is suitable for use in fast processes where it is necessary to capture a great number of images. Quality control, inspection, positioning and alignment, completeness control, surface and printing inspection, edge and contour analysis, and barcode and data matrix applications can all be handled by the camera family.

iControl, the integrated viewer software, enables the quick installation of, access to, and operation of all iCube cameras. Camera settings can be easily adjusted with iControl. The software also allows images in various formats to be saved to a connected PC. The iControl is part of the SDK software (software development kit) and is included in the package. The camera family is compatible with software libraries with a Direct-X/Direct-Show interface.


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