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Kistler to display automation solutions at Automate

At Automate 2022 at booth 4703 (June 6 – 9, 2022, in Detroit, MI, U.S.A.), Kistler will showcase its broad range of automation solutions for manufacturers and suppliers of various industries. Visitors will be able to experience wide-ranging solutions that support them in advancing the level of automation in their production processes: from high-quality components such as sensors, electromechanical joining modules and compatible control and monitoring systems to software for the interpretation and analysis of data.

Automation is at the core of cutting-edge production processes in multiple industries. Improvements in manufacturing, such as higher efficiency or quality levels, are often attributed to advancements in automation technology. That is why manufacturers who are keen to keep their competitive edge rely on control and monitoring systems as well as high-quality sensor components and compatible equipment to implement industry 4.0 applications in their production lines. At Automate 2022, Kistler will showcase its wide-ranging portfolio of automation solutions that support manufacturers and suppliers across various industries not only in improving the overall efficiency of their processes, but also in reducing their overall energy consumption and cost of production.

Electromechanical joining modules: 100% traceability and control during assembly

Electromechanical joining modules from Kistler allow for simple, cost-sensitive joining processes and offer advantages such as low energy consumption, simple handling and fast commissioning. The NCFE joining module especially is a cost-efficient alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic modules, as the linear actuator is particularly energy efficient. By relying on the NCFE, quality engineers can monitor assembly processes closely and prevent product defects. Thanks to the integrated process monitoring system with its intuitive interface, users can easily install, calibrate and operate the system. The NCFR joining module offers comparable benefits and enables joining processes to be performed in combination with rotational movements.

ComoNeo: supporting injection molders from qualification to validation through serial production

The ComoNeo process monitoring system monitors cavity pressure during injection molding and provides users with insights they can use to optimize their entire injection molding process. With its newly added, innovative features, the system is even more accurate and supports manufacturers during the entire validation process. That includes improved control assistance functions and even model-based prediction of part quality for process transparency and traceability. The integrated user management and audit trail functionality guarantees maximum process safety and security. The system’s extended interface includes OPC UA, ensures secure, reliable transmission of data to the injection molding machine and other peripherals.

maXYmos: Process monitoring systems for guaranteed quality in production, assembly and product testing

maXYmos process monitoring systems can be integrated directly into the production line to monitor and evaluate the quality of a given manufacturing step on the basis of process tolerances. Users also benefit from 100% process visualization and analyses of process profiles. In combination with joining modules and a servo amplifier, the maXYmos NC controls, monitors, evaluates and documents XY characteristics of joining and press-fit operations, allowing for 100% traceability. The maXYmos TL, in contrast, is the flexible process monitoring system for various sensor inputs. Both NC and TL come with OPC UA interfaces for demanding IIoT projects.

KVC 621: vision inspection system for 100% part quality inspection

Vision inspection systems from Kistler have proven their worth when it comes to quality assurance of continuously produced parts. The KVC 621 is a universal, autonomous video measurement system for 100% inspection of products like stamped connectors. The integrated control and image processing components focus on high, individually adjustable processing speeds for complex assignments with transmitted and reflected light. It is available in various sizes, including an extra-compact version for confined spaces and a version with extended installation space, for example to accommodate additional cameras. The KVC 621 achieves outstanding performance and process reliability, operating with maximum precision in the µm range at high, individually adjustable processing speeds of up to 6,000 measurements per minute.


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