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Kistler to show quality monitoring solutions at Control in May

At the Control 2022 trade fair in Stuttgart from 3 to 6 May, Kistler will showcase a varied array of fully automated quality monitoring and assurance solutions, equally suitable for series production and random sample testing. Application areas for Kistler's extensive portfolio range from punching technology and fastener assembly to plastics processing and medical device manufacturing. Visitors to booth 8305 in hall 8 at the fair can explore Kistler's systems for optical inspection of mass-produced or series parts, along with solutions for quality assurance in fastening technology; also on show will be assembly and test stations as well as process monitoring systems for manufacturing – individual solutions that meet the needs of multiple industrial sectors.

Industrial manufacturers who want to hold their own in today's market need quality monitoring and assurance technology that is both reliable and efficient. Faced with growing requirements for product safety and process transparency, manufacturers require automated quality assurance solutions that they can integrate flexibly into their production processes: the key to guaranteed 100-percent testing. With the automated modular inspection and test solutions that Kistler will showcase at Control 2022, industrial manufacturers can deliver the high product quality their customers demand – and ultimately reduce their quality costs as well.

Optical testing and sorting machines for mass-produced and series parts

Optical inspection systems offer a tried-and-tested method of quality assurance for products that have to meet demanding requirements in sectors such as the medtech or automotive industries. To succeed in implementing a 0-ppm strategy with guaranteed quality for all manufactured parts, test systems must inspect the workpieces reliably. Inspection must cover not only complex geometries and dimensional stability but also functional and safety aspects. Equally important: the systems have to operate efficiently – features such as rapid sensing of contours and surfaces are essential. With cycle rates of up to 8,000 parts per minute, optical inspection systems from Kistler are the ideal choice for a vast range of production environments.

One of the most advanced end-of-line inspection systems in Kistler's portfolio will be on display at Control: the KVC 821, equipped with up to eight matrix and line-scan cameras as well as 3D inspection capability, so complex testing tasks can be performed sequentially at multiple stations. Thanks to cutting-edge optical measurement technology with multiple imaging, even the most challenging surface inspections can be performed reliably. This technology also makes partial use of artificial intelligence in the form of deep neural networks and an anomaly detection process, so unknown surface deviations can be detected even though they are not yet defined.

As well as complete solutions such as the KVC 821, Kistler offers modular solutions that enable customers to utilize individual components in line with their specific requirements. At this year's Control, Kistler will present modular system components such as cameras and lenses, along with the KiVision image processing software that is integrated into all its test stations.

Another highlight of the company's exhibit at Control: jBEAM software to analyze and visualize process data. This platform-independent software handles complex calculations as well as automated reporting. Kistler will demonstrate the varied possibilities of this application during the trade fair by using jBEAM to analyze data from its KiVision image processing software.

Optosensors for reliable process control and monitoring

Kistler will also present optical sensors and inductive proximity switches used for feed, ejection and double-sheet control in punching and forming processes, among other applications. Customized for each application, these products ensure high levels of reliability and cost-effectiveness in the manufacturing process: malfunctions are detected at an early stage, so tool breakages and the costly damage they cause are avoided.

Process monitoring for guaranteed quality in production, assembly and product testing

The maXYmos process monitoring system by Kistler reliably monitors the quality of a product or manufacturing step. The maXYmos TL ML version on display at Control is specifically designed for medtech applications – the first process monitoring system in the world to comply with FDA guidelines and MDR requirements for use in the medtech industry. This system visualizes and analyzes process profiles and comes equipped with numerous interfaces to connect sensors.

Intelligent assembly and test stations

Visitors to Control can discover the range of Smart Single Stations from Kistler for testing of press-fit and joining processes. These assembly and test stations can be operated as standalone units or integrated into the line; based on components and systems by Kistler, they perform the process steps with high precision. Kistler is also on hand to offer support throughout the process – from the consultation and development phases all the way through to commissioning of the systems. Comprehensive modular solutions from Kistler can be adapted to any individual requirements, giving manufacturers the flexibility they need to bring their quality assurance gradually into line with market requirements.

Complete solutions for reliable fastening processes

When it comes to fastener assembly, Kistler offers complete solutions for quality assurance throughout the entire assembly process – from testing of fasteners and tools through to inspection of the bolted joint itself. The hardware and software portfolio comprises testing solutions for fastening tools as well as fasteners such as screws, bolts and nuts, including quality assurance in the assembly process and calibration of the systems. Kistler offers a complete, intercoordinated quality assurance package to support users before, during and after assembly: the key to tested and guaranteed quality, reliability and safety for bolted joints.

Kistler's booth at Control will feature the cerTEST mobile solution for fast, accurate testing of torque tools. Compact dimensions and a rechargeable battery for off-line operation make cerTEST mobile ideal for direct use on the assembly line. Another focus of attention will be the INSPECTOR torque wrench: this handy device – with its integrated display and measuring unit – enables users to perform process capability tests (PCT) on bolted joints under series conditions in a matter of seconds; it also features an interface for the CEUS and testXpert evaluation and archiving software. In addition, visitors to Control can experience INSPECTpro, the mobile measurement and evaluation unit, which allows users to perform, analyze and document their tests rapidly and effectively. INSPECTpro can be extended with optional software modules to meet customers' individual requirements.


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