Specim at Automate

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From June 6–9, at Automate 2022, Specim will demonstrate SpecimONE — a complete, easy-to-deploy spectral imaging platform — in booth 5249. Compatible with major industrial machine vision standards such as GigE Vision and CameraLink, SpecimONE provides seamless integration with vision software such as Halcon and Sherlock, making it easy for machine builders, vision systems integrators, and other OEMs to create new sorting applications.

"The potential of hyperspectral imaging in industrial sorting applications cannot be overstated. By recording hundreds of bands across a wide spectral bandpass that is not limited to the visible part of the spectrum, our customers can identify materials based on their chemical composition instead of size, shape, and visible color,” says Tapio Kallonen, CEO of Specim. “We aim to make to make spectral imaging easy, and SpecimONE takes a giant leap toward that goal. By combining our experience developing industrial hardware with our spectral imaging expertise in a complete spectral imaging platform, SpecimONE makes creating industrial sorting solutions faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before.”

SpecimONE Consists of Three Essential Parts

SpecimONE includes the industry-proven Specim FX series hyperspectral camera, SpecimCUBE processing hardware, and SpecimINSIGHT, an off-line software tool.

Specim FX series cameras are the first hyperspectral instruments designed specifically for industrial use. With a compact and robust design that provides installation flexibility, FX series cameras achieve the high frame rates required to keep up with modern sorting and production lines.

SpecimCUBE is a high-performance processing platform that runs classification models created by SpecimINSIGHT in real time. Based on Xavier, a system-on-a-chip developed by Nvidia, SpecimCUBE includes optimized software to meet industry requirements for throughput, latency, and jitter. SpecimCUBE receives the data from Specim FX cameras and processes it in real time based on a classification model. The sorting results are streamed over GigE Vision to the target systems such as sorting machines and existing machine vision systems. SpecimCUBE provides excellent performance for real-time sorting applications with the flexibility to switch and run different models.

SpecimINSIGHT allows users to browse and explore data and create and validate classification models. The current feature set focuses on sorting industry requirements. It includes a robust yet fast classification algorithm PLS-DA and support for MROI functionality, both of which benefit from FX series camera speed. In addition, SpecimINSIGHT supports all Specim camera dataset formats.

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