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Kingfisher V

Raptor Photonics, a manufacturer of high-performance digital cameras, has launched the Kingfisher V – a deep-cooled, vacuum-based CCD using vacuum technology called PentaVac.

According to Mark Donaghy, Raptor’s VP of sales and marketing, the Kingfisher V is a deep-cooled version of the Sony ICX694 6 megapixel sensor.

He said: 'This is our first camera using PentaVac technology, enabling us to cool the sensor down to Δ-111°C.' Cooling to Δ-111°C enables long exposure times.

The Kingfisher V has 4.54 x 4.54μm pixels, enabling sharp image resolution and QE of up to 77 per cent. The extremely low dark current of 0.000001 e/p/s is achieved by deep cooling, either by water or air.


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