JPEG codec for Nvidia GPUs

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Fastvideo has released an ultrafast JPEG codec for Nvidia GPUs. Peak performance of the codec reaches 6GB/s and higher for images loaded into RAM. For instance, a full-colour 4k image with resolution 3,840 x 2,160 pixels can be compressed by 10 times in merely 6ms on Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan.

This technology is useful for high speed and high resolution cameras, as well as for many other applications including processing and visualisation of 4k and 8k images in real time. Since JPEG format is still highly widespread across the web, fast compression, decompression and processing of such images remains very important for multiple web applications including heavy-loaded social networks and image databases.

Ultrafast JPEG codec developed by Fastvideo applies Nvidia Cuda technology to boost image compression and decompression using parallel computing. The codec implements highly optimised approach that parallels absolutely all stages of Baseline JPEG algorithm including entropy encoding and decoding.