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JPEG2000 encoder

Fastvideo company has released JPEG2000 encoder on CUDA. To the best of our knowledge, JPEG2000 encoder from Fastvideo is the fastest software solution for JPEG 2000 encoding on the market.

Fastvideo company after years of R&D has released the first version of JPEG2000 Encoder which is based on CUDA technology from NVIDIA. Fastvideo put together their research results, experience in GPU image & video processing, knowledge of NVIDIA CUDA technology and software optimization methods to release the fastest JPEG2000 Encoder.

Fast JPEG2000 compression is widely used in M&E, geospatial imaging, industrial, scientific, medical, archival, scanner and camera applications. JPEG2000 is important for Digital Cinema as well. With current advances in JPEG2000 encoding performance, the scope of JPEG2000 usage will definitely be expanded, especially for realtime applications with resolutions from 4K to 8K.

Performance measurements on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU with Pascal architecture for Fastvideo J2K encoder show 100x-200x speedup in comparison with well known CPU-based open source OpenJPEG and Jasper JPEG2000 encoders with the same encoding parameters. J2K encoder from Fastvideo is more than 15 times faster than open source GPU-based solutions CUJ2K and GPU JPEG2K. Moreover, performance results are even higher than the best commercial GPU and CPU solutions for JPEG2000 compression on the market.

For example, 24-bit 4K image series with resolution 3840 x 2160 (4:4:4) could be encoded with compression ratio ~12 at frame rates up to 87 fps on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU in batch mode. Maximum performance of J2K encoding could reach 347 fps for 2K resolution (24-bit). These results come from powerfull NVIDIA hardware and from highly optimized massive parallel implementation of JPEG2000 algorithm from Fastvideo.

CUDA JPEG2000 encoder from Fastvideo is available as standalone library or as a part of GPU Image & Video Processing SDK for Windows and Linux. Demo version of JPEG2000 encoder for NVIDIA GPU is available from Fastvideo website and works under Windows-7/8/10. Fastvideo SDK trial is available upon request.


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