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GPU Debayer software

Fastvideo, based in Dubna, Russia and specialising in graphical and image processing technologies, has released its GPU Debayer software. The software provides extremely fast demosaicing of raw 8-bit Bayer images to full-colour 24-bit RGB format. It applies Nvidia Cuda technology for colour interpolation of raw images.

Fastvideo designed parallel and highly optimised implementation of HQLI and DFPD demosaicing algorithms to produce exceptionally fast conversion of 8-bit raw images to 24-bit RGB with high quality and minimum moire.

The GPU Debayer utilises parallel processing on a Nvidia GPU that not only frees CPU space for other tasks, but also provides extremely high processing speed – up to 1,800MP/s for HQLI and up to 1,600MP/s for the DFPD algorithm on GeForce GTX 580, including an overhead for data transfer to and from the GPU. Without taking into account the overhead for the above algorithms, the throughput is in the range of 5-18GP/s.

GPU Debayer software is distributed for free for demonstration purposes. GPU Debayer requires Windows 7 or higher, and Nvidia graphics card series 400, 500, 600, 700 or higher with the latest drivers installed.


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