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iVu Series TG image sensor

A compact, self-contained image sensor with touch-screen controls to solve inspection applications on the factory floor has been introduced by Banner Engineering. The iVu Series TG image sensor operates without a PC, combining the simplicity and low cost of a photoelectric sensor with the intelligence of a vision sensor.

The iVu includes three inspection tools in one package: a match sensor that compares a part to a reference, an area sensor that detects presence or absence of a feature, and an area sensor that adjusts for motion. It is suited to a variety of applications including label inspection, part presence and orientation, date/lot code verification, and vial cap inspection, among others, in a number of industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage, packaging, metal stamping, plastics, and electronics.

Setup can be accomplished quickly and easily, and all necessary information is displayed on a 68.5mm LCD screen displaying 320 x 240 pixels. An adjustable focus lens is supplied.

The onboard interface allows the user to select operation in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and traditional or simplified Chinese. Its robust housing is rated to IP67 for operation in harsh industrial environments. A variety of cordsets and mounting brackets are available.

While the iVu is designed to be configured and operated without a PC, an offline software emulator tool allows applications to be set up remotely.


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