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Vita 2000 and 5000 sensors

Cypress Semiconductor has extended its Vita family of image sensors with the 2.3 Megapixel Vita 2000 and the 5.3 Megapixel Vita 5000. These sensors are ideal for machine vision, high-end security, 2D barcode, and intelligent traffic applications.

The sensors offer an array of sophisticated features, including pipelined and triggered global shutter modes and a conventional rolling shutter mode, speeds of up to 92fps (Vita 2000) and 75fps (Vita 5000), and a 10-bit analogue-to-digital converter, with either parallel outputs or serialised outputs up to 620Mb/s. They feature programmable registers to control different operating modes, configurable over a standard SPI interface.

The Vita 2000 is available in two standard formats: HD for the security market and 4:3 for the machine vision market. The sensor array has a standard 2/3-inch optical format lens. It offers four parallel LVDS channels.

The Vita 5000 has a standard 1-inch optical format with monochrome or colour digital output. The pipelined global shutter capability enables exposure during read-out to reduce motion blur. The sensor also works in a rolling shutter mode with correlated double sampling (CDS) to reduce noise and increase dynamic range. It offers eight parallel LVDS channels.

The devices are manufactured by Tower Semiconductor on its 0.18μm CMOS image sensor technology.


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