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Pleora Technologies has introduced a new version of its iPORT software that provides iPORT IP Engine users with a low-risk and immediate solution for GigE Vision and GenICam standards compliance, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with deployed iPORT products.

Working in concert with Pleora’s eBUST NIC (network interface card/chip) drivers, Release 2.3.0 of the iPORT SDK (Software Development Kit) allows users to operate GigE Vision-compliant cameras in the same system, and application, as GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) cameras based on the iPORT connectivity protocol. Release 2.3.0 allows applications built from previous versions of the SDK to be reused with any camera or system that incorporates a GigE Vision-compliant iPORT IP Engine.

Many vision applications require access to features and capabilities not available through GenICam. To ensure the needs of all applications are met, iPORT SDK Release 2.3.0 allows users to choose between two GigE Vision-compliant camera control methods, one based on GenICam, the other using the iPORT SDK feature set. In addition, Release 2.3.0 continues to deliver full support for connectivity and camera control using Pleora’s high-performance iPORT protocol.


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