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Pleora Technologies, a supplier of GigE video connectivity solutions, has launched vDisplay, a family of IP engines that shrinks the size, cost, and power requirements of real-time viewing stations on high-performance GigE networks. Pleora's compact and affordable vDisplay IP engines acquire video directly from a GigE network and display it on a standard digital monitor, eliminating the need for bulky and costly PC clients at each viewing node.

The increasing use of GigE networks to support real-time broadband video systems in the military, medical, and machine vision sectors is creating demand for small-footprint peripherals to replace the PCs used at viewing stations. Pleora's vDisplay IP engines meet this demand with dedicated, low-latency hardware that efficiently converts GigE video feeds to HDMI/DVI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface/Digital Visual Interface) formats. HDMI and DVI are the standard digital TV interfaces used by monitors to receive uncompressed video.

The IP engines fit in the palm of the hand and draw only 3.2W – less than 5 per cent of the power required by a PC. These attributes make the engines an excellent fit for video installations where size and power are paramount, such as those in factory floors, hospital operating rooms, and military applications.

vDisplay IP engines are compatible with GigE Vision and also interoperate with cameras based on other video formats, including analogue, LVDS (low-voltage differential signalling), or Camera Link, as long as the cameras are connected to GigE Vision-compliant converters, such as Pleora's standalone iPORT IP Engines.

The IP engines feature a highly flexible interface architecture that matches most of the image formats and pixel types used in today's high-performance sensors and cameras with the refresh rates and resolutions supported by HDMI/DVI monitors.


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