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IPort NTx-Mini-S embedded interface

Pleora Technologies has introduced embedded hardware and IP solutions for manufacturers to integrate high-bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet connectivity into flat panel detectors (FPDs) for industrial and medical x-ray systems.

The iPort NTx-Mini-S embedded interface is a low profile, small footprint drop-in solution measuring 43.0 x 67.1 x 5.0mm. The embedded hardware converts sensor data to packets and sends it with low end-to-end latency over a 1Gb/s GigE link to receiving software or hardware at distances up to 100 metres over a standard Ethernet connection.

Pleora's new embedded interface complements its existing portfolio of hardware solutions for FPDs. The iPort NTx-NBT25 and NTx-NBT50 GigE Vision over Nbase-T embedded solutions provide a cost-effective upgrade path for FPD designers by supporting faster 2.5Gb/s and 5Gb/s image transfer over low-cost Cat5e cabling.

For higher bandwidth requirements, the CoreGev-Tx10 GigE Vision FPGA IP Core is designed for applications requiring up to 10Gb/s transmission over a standard Ethernet connection.


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