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IPD VA61 vision system

Firstsight Vision has launched the IPD VA61 compact machine vision system. The VA61 contains all the processing power in a rugged enclosure, instead of the camera head. This approach allows small cameras to be used, while the unit itself can be readily integrated into factory environments alongside other automation controllers.

The VA61 supports two dedicated GigE camera ports (in addition to one GigE compliant network port) for a range of Dalsa monochrome and colour GigE cameras such as the Dalsa Genie. The use of GigE vision makes it possible to have long Ethernet cables running between the IPD VA controller and the inspection point. Using an Ethernet Hub, a large number of cameras can be connected to the two VA61 camera ports. Multiple camera inputs allow the inspection of different views of the same part, or even different parts, simultaneously. This integrated functionality provides a cost-effective and less complex solution than comparable smart camera implementations.

The IPD VA61 offers flexibility, speed and choice of camera to match the specific application. A powerful embedded processor ensures fast inspection times and extensive hardware support for part-in-place detection, strobe illumination, camera trigger, and part counting for delayed pass, fail and rework part sorting is available.

The VA61 offers two distinct software interfaces: iNspect and Sherlock. iNspect is a versatile and easy to use inspection tool that can be applied across a wide range of industries, including automotive, packaging and pharmaceutical. The underlying toolset includes capabilities for positioning, measuring, identification and flaw detection.

Included within iNspect is iLabel, an inspection tool designed specifically for the packaging industry. It is used for verifying the placement, quality and validity of labels on packaged goods. iLabel includes automatic positioning, trainable inspection tools and identification readers.

For more complex inspection tasks, Sherlock provides a greater level of flexibility and control through the use of a scripting language, offering the tools and capabilities for almost any conceivable application.


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