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Core M

Wenzel ScanTec has introduced the Core M. The optical high speed measuring system is a fast and efficient solution for testing serial parts in production. It is based on high intensity light technology and offers an enormous measuring volume and high measuring speed.

Core M extends the Core series by a variant with a measuring volume of 500 x 500 x 1,500mm, which is designed for measurement of large turbine blades. The use of electromechanical drives allows accelerations of the optical system up to 4,300mm/s2 and a movement speed up to 800mm/s. The innovative technology of the optical sensor enables the measurement of highly reflective and mirror-like surfaces.

Optimal accessibility of the part and high flexibility of Core M are achieved through three linear and three rotary axes. It is equipped with a rotary table and a swivel head. Positioning in all six axes is step less so part and sensor can be positioned relative to each other in an optimal way. Core M is also designed to be temperature and dirt resistant.

Core uses the I++ DME interface and allows the customers a choice of software. The comprehensive control and analysing software Win3DS from Wenzel ScanTec is offered as standard. This software package offers all necessary functionality for measuring and analysing blades.


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