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Insights from 1000+ Industrial and Scientific Cameras

The online product selector has crossed the 1000-camera line. This is a major milestone on its mission to support faster development of better imaging systems at lower cost. The aggregated portfolio of 11 camera manufacturers constitutes a comprehensive cross section of the global market, which allows vision system developers to find a range of cameras from different suppliers for almost every requirement specification. At the same time, this portfolio allows for insightful analysis of the camera market, which shows a leading position of CMOS Global Shutter sensors, a 50% share of Sony sensors, and just 8% lag of USB 3.0 behind GigE. is now hosting close to 1100 area scan, line scan and smart cameras as well as camera modules from the manufacturers Baumer, FLIR Systems (formerly Point Grey), Kaya Instruments, Lumenera, Matrix Vision, Mikrotron, Pixelink, Smartek Vision, Sony, Tamron and Tattile.

The cameras are presented with their individual user benefits, specifications, descriptions, user manuals, educational content, videos, and matching accessories like lenses, cables, and frame grabbers. Each of the 1000 area scan cameras is characterized by a standardized, extensive set of technical and commercial attributes, which has been specifically developed by machine vision experts.

This does not only allow users to filter the portfolio according to their requirements and to compare selected products side by side – it also allows for insightful statistics on the current camera market.


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