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Techspec VIS-NIR compact fixed focal length lenses

Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec VIS-NIR compact fixed focal length lenses. These versatile lenses are optimised for use in a variety of machine vision applications.

The lenses provide transmission out to 1,000nm, making them perfectly suited for factory automation, inspection or qualification applications that require NIR or VIS-NIR performance. These lenses have been designed with true factory automation in mind - their optical designs take into consideration the precise working distances and demanding requirements of factory automation and inspection. In order to perform in even the most restrictive lighting conditions, the lenses feature large maximum apertures and a BBAR coating.

Techspec VIS-NIR lenses include a convenient locking iris and focus adjustment with recessed set screws to prevent unintended lens adjustments. In order to withstand harsh manufacturing environments, the lenses feature a robust, ruggedised lens housing, while its compact size makes it ideal for space-restrictive applications. The lenses support up to 2/3-inch sensors. When plans call for IR imaging only, the company's #65-796 UV-VIS cut filter threads directly onto the M25.5 x 0.5mm front filter thread of each lens.

The lenses are manufactured to a high tolerance, which results in excellent imaging performance and low lens-to-lens variation. This consistent quality allows the user simple installation into multiple systems. Techspec VIS-NIR lenses are available in 16mm, 25mm and 35mm sizes. These lenses combine excellent optical performance and unique industrial features in a small package size to represent a new standard in factory automation optics.


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