Jupiter smart cameras

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The smart cameras of the Jupiter series have been expanded by another line sensor with 6K pixels. This means that even higher resolutions or larger image areas can now be covered.

The Jupiter series is particularly suitable for all tasks involving continuous materials, for example in the fields of strip, plastics, extrusion, but also wood surface analysis. The camera series enables fast and precise inspection of all woven and non-woven materials.

A very advantageous feature is that line applications can be easily and quickly assembled using drag-and-drop. This means that many applications can be realized within 2- 4 hours and thus fast time-to-market solutions can be developed.

All cameras of the Jupiter series are equipped with GigE with PoE, which allows them to be powered directly via the Ethernet connection. A powerful I/O interface offers, in addition to various I/O lines within the 24V technology, incremental encoder inputs to synchronize the image acquisition with the system. A daisy chain input and output also allows several sensors to be lined up, so that even large areas can be scanned without gaps.

The powerful FPGA also allows fast image pre-processing. This pre-processing can be done by the customer with a suitable development tool or by EVT's specialists.

The scanning device is capable of producing detail deemed suitable for monitoring skin diseases and analysing the rate of change in wound healing

08 February 2023

Image Credit: SkillUp/Shutterstock.com

30 September 2022