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InGaAs Image Sensors

Andanta has introduced a range of Indium-Gallium-Arsenide (InGaAs) image sensors with extended infrared spectral range from 1.2µm up to 2.2µm wavelengths for its 320 x 256 matrix array.

For a reliable infrared operation, these extended InGaAs device are delivered in a 28pin DIL-Kovar-package with single-stage thermoelectric cooling. The wavelength shift has been accomplished by changing the stoichiometry of the InGaAs epitaxy layers on InP-substrate.

Although dark current and response non-uniformity are still higher than with the conventional InGaAs-devices with 900nm to 1.7µm response, epitaxy-layers with good quality have been obtained reversibly and the feedback of the first customers has been quite promising, reporting a good responsivity with stable and reliable operation.

For helping camera manufacturer integrating the sensors into the camera electronics, the InGaAs-sensors use an integrated CMOS read out electronics with multiple user-friendly functions for easy adaption to the application to solve.

Application-examples for extended InGaAs-sensors comprise: extended NIR-spectroscopy, industrial inspection and sorting, spectral sensors, recycling applications, temperature measurement, laser beam analysis, lidar, security applications and many more.


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