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Semi-VIS InGaAs sensor

Image sensor specialist Andanta now offers Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) image sensors with extended spectral response down to 800nm (semi-VIS sensor) instead of 900nm (standard sensor).

The extension of the spectral range into the visible direction is accomplished through a slight modification of the chip-manufacturing procedure, specifically related to the etching processes. The price surcharge for semi-VIS sensors will only be around 20 per cent compared to the standard device.

Applying this simple process change, quantum efficiencies at 800nm can be increased to about 15 per cent, which is sufficient for a number of applications.

Larger extension of spectral response into the visible band as well as higher quantum efficiencies are achievable as well. However, this requires a specific epitaxial wafer design with etch-stop layers and higher manufacturing costs.

The sensors use the hybrid sensor-approach with integrated CMOS read-out electronics. This allows multiple user-friendly functions and easy adaption to the imaging task.

The image sensors are ideally suited to security and surveillance type applications and in laser beam analysis, as well as in NIR-spectroscopy, biochemistry, food inspection, semiconductor inspection, temperature measurement, among others.


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