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Ultra-high resolution CCD image sensor

Andanta has unveiled an ultra-high resolution CCD image sensor featuring 10k x 10k pixels, ideal for scientific applications.

At just one chip per wafer, this square sensor with 10.580 x 10.560 pixels (111 Mpixel) and 9 x 9µm pixel size fills almost the whole available area of a 150mm wafer. The very edge of the wafer is left to house various test structures, which help to ensure an impressive image quality of the sensor with only few cosmetic defects, despite the large image area.

A read-out rate of two full images per second is achievable, dependent on the dat arate (20MHz typical). This rate is accomplished by means of a split full frame architecture with 16 parallel outputs, 8 to each sensor side, so that 16 subsections of the sensor can be read out in parallel at the same time.The standard sensor comes as a front-illuminated device, but the sensor is also available as a back-illuminated design, achieving a quantum efficiency of close to 90 per cent. A colour version is deliverable as a custom device.

The sensor was mainly developed for scientific applications, with capabilities in biotechnology, microscopy, crystallography, astronomy, spectroscopy, digital photography and optical remote sensing.


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