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InfReC infrared camera family

NEC Avio Infrared Technologies, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, has launched the InfReC infrared camera family for predictive and preventative maintenance.

The InfReC Thermo Gear G120/G100 models are thermography cameras designed to be used for predictive and preventative maintenance of equipment and constructions. The cameras have an ideal shape for capturing images from any angle, high image quality, an optical compatibility with telephoto lenses, support for high temperature measurement, useful support functions to detect abnormal points, and the ability to manage large amounts of data and generate reports quickly.

The weight is approximately 800g (including the battery pack). Image capture support functions of a 2 Megapixel visible camera are provided, such as simultaneous recording, parallel display and varied synthetic display modes of visible and thermal images. LED lighting is featured, as is a laser pointer and various measuring support functions, such as a vibration alarm function, which is useful on sites where the alarm sound cannot be heard because of loud background noise. Free standard software that provides a variety of analysis options and report-generating functions is also included. 

Furthermore, the G120 model is equipped with plenty of functions, including a panorama thermal image capture function and a direct real-time recording function that enables the direct writing of video images to the SD card.


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