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ImageIR series

InfraTec has introduced the ImageIR series of high-end camera. Due to new features, now an even wider application range for research and development opens up for the demanding user.

All models of that camera series have an excellent thermal resolution of up to 0.015 K, very high frame rates of up to 13,000 Hz, and extremely short integration times in the microsecond range. Cooled focal-plane array photon detectors of different types (InSb, MCT and QWIP) are used, with formats of up to (1,280 x 1,024) IRpixels that work in snapshot mode.

For the first time, the new ImageIR 8300 hp enables a full-frame rate of 350 Hz with (640 x 512) IR-pixels, and therefore reaches a three times higher image speed than other existing camera systems of this performance class. Subframe sequences can even be captured with up to 5,000 Hz.

All standard full optics of this series can be equipped with an optional motor focus unit. It allows precise, remote and motorised focusing and is part of the autofocus function. The latest motorised 30x zoom lens of the models ImageIR 8300/9300 Z with a focal length of (28 … 850) mm and an image field of below 0.6° allows reliable detection of the smallest objects within long distances.

In combination with the thermography software family IRBIS 3, developed by InfraTec, for digital real-time data acquisition and evaluation, the ImageIR as an efficient high performance tool sets new standards for demanding thermographic analysis.


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