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Infrared Reduction Filter

Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI), a manufacturer of durable, thin film optical coatings, has released a line of thin film filters for imaging applications. The Infrared (IR) Reduction Filter is designed to block IR wavelengths, yet transmit the visible wavelengths in CMOS camera applications

This IR reduction coating can be applied to glass as thin as 0.003 inches. The filters can then be used as an encapsulating cover glass, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio for imaging devices being flooded with environmental infrared light. DSI's CMOS IR filter blocks greater than 95 per cent of the infrared radiation while transmitting more than 90 per cent of the visible radiation. The introduction of this filter in a CMOS camera system can significantly improve the signal-to-noise ratio. It is ideal for use in imaging applications where it is critical that IR radiation is blocked, reducing the effects of extraneous light and improving contrast and clarity in the imagery.


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