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CMOS IR filter

Deposition Sciences (DSI) has developed an improved CMOS IR filter specially developed to reduced the infrared and transmit the visible wavelengths in camera applications. The filter is designed to block up to 99.5 per cent of the IR radiation while transmitting more than 85 per cent of the visible.

The improvement in the new infrared filter is critical to CMOS imaging systems that require a highly effective, stable, and uniform IR reduction.  The optical thin film coating can be applied to glass as thin as 0.003 inches, which can be used as an encapsulating cover glass for devices being flooded with damaging environmental infrared. 

The advancement in DSI's new IR filter can significantly improve the signal-to-noise ratio in visible CMOS imaging systems that are subject to unwanted IR radiation. It is ideal for use in camera applications where it is critical that IR radiation is blocked to reduce the effects of extraneous light and to improve clarity and contrast in the imagery.


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