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Impact M-Series with PoE

PPT Vision's recently released Impact M-Series embedded vision system features Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, delivering network reliability and significantly simplifying the installation and maintenance of networked devices.

Using standard CAT 5 Ethernet cables, system cameras are powered from the embedded M40 processor, which eliminates the need for a separate computer for programming and processing and individual data and power cables. PoE allows for increased system flexibility with the ability to install virtually anywhere, allowing devices to be located at distances of more than 100 metres from a power supply.

Using uninterrupted power supply (UPS), PoE ensures the reliability and availability of the Impact M-Series cameras operating on the M40 processor. This combination facilitates continuous operation, eliminating power interruptions and costly system downtime.

Delivering increased precision and speed to automated inspection, guidance and identification production processes, the embedded vision system allows up to four M-Series smart cameras to perform independent asynchronously-triggered inspections. Utilising the single M40 vision processor, the system eliminates the need to purchase and install multiple cameras.

The Impact M-Series benefits manufacturing industries ranging from electronics, pharmaceutical, and medical devices to consumer products and automotive. Typical applications include inspecting electronic connectors, correct part seating during die stamping, and detection of fill level and cap position on bottles.


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