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Impact M500 series

PPT Vision has introduced the Impact M500 series of GigE-compatible line scan cameras. The series includes 12 new cameras ranging from a 1,024 pixel, 18.7kHz model to a 2,048 pixel, 29.2kHz model, each with C- or F-mount lensing options and supporting multiple encoder configurations with direct digital inputs. The M500 series can be used with the Impact M-Series embedded vision system to perform multiple machine vision inspections simultaneously.

The line scan cameras can be used to detect defects in large sheets of glass, in the threads of high precision steel bolts, in rubberised gaskets used in automobile engines and in the layout of large high pincount electrical connectors.

Other applications solved with Impact colour vision tools include sorting and identifying pharmaceutical tablets, detecting wire placement and components in electronic products and many additional possibilities.


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