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ImageIR thermography cameras

The ImageIR range of thermography cameras from InfraTec is now supplied by Armstrong Optical. It offers non-destructive active thermography testing, process monitoring and control with frame rates of up to 3kHz across the infrared spectrum (0.8 to 12µm). Operating in line scan mode, rates of 10kHz can be achieved.

These high performance cameras are suitable for industries and disciplines as varied as aerospace and automotive engineering, medicine, laser technology, welding, electronics/microelectronics research, glass, plastics and steel industries, R&D in non-destructive material testing, lock-in and spectral thermography, stress analysis testing of assemblies, and microthermography.

The product series includes high-speed thermography systems with state-of-the-art focal plane array InSb, MTC and QWIP photon detectors in variable pixel formats (320 x 256) and (640 x 512). With thermal resolution of <25mK (0.025°C), small transient temperature events can be captured for subsequent analysis.

Moreover, with the IRBIS 3 plus and IRBIS 3 professional software with integrated online capability, the complete systems include tools for digital real-time data recording and evaluation and all further functionality required for solving challenging measuring tasks.


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