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Newly introduced to the range of thermal imaging products from Armstrong Optical of Northampton, UK is the DualCAM system. The system offers an easily integrated solution to demanding surveillance requirements at an excellent price point.

By incorporating a high-specification visible camera alongside a high-performance thermal imager, and then mounting both onto a pan/tilt unit, Armstrong Optical have removed the integration problems sometimes associated with such systems.

Able to operate in all weather and lighting conditions the DualCAM features a thermal camera with 25mm lens (50mm option) enabling detection of a human at a range of greater than 1,000m (>2,000m with 50mm lens). For daylight hours the visible camera offers zoom up to 24x and is fully aligned with the thermal camera ensuring excellent dual channel operation. The pan/tilt is able to continuously rotate, allowing complete 360° coverage, and has multiple preset, auto-scan and auto-cruise options.

The DualCAM offers an optimised and easily integrated solution for all border, coastal and perimeter monitoring, industrial surveillance and fire detection applications.


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