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Thermore 640 infrared sensor module

Armstrong Optical has made available the Thermore 640 infrared sensor module, allowing third party thermal imaging system builders to address applications requiring high spatial resolution. The flexible modular architecture, low power consumption and wide range of accessories enable it to be easily optimised for sensor integration and OEM applications.

Like its lower resolution older brothers, the IR106, IR113 and IR118, the Thermore 640 offers a true 'power-in/video-out' capability coupled with full system control via a built-in RS232 interface. Gain, offset, zoom, brightness, contrast are all available through the interface, and the standard PAL/NTSC/composite video outputs can be augmented by an optional FireWire 1394 output thereby increasing the versatility of this thermal sensor module.

The Thermore 640 represents the latest of the new thermal imaging products available from Armstrong Optical that include a new thermography camera with 384 x 288 pixel resolution – the EasIR-9 – and a new top-of-the-range thermography camera – the VarioCAM hr research 780 with 1,280 x 480 pixel resolution capability.


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