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IDS enhances presence in Great Britain and Ireland

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras, has established a subsidiary in the United Kingdom from January 2017, underlining the importance of the local machine vision market. In addition, the company has created a new position in application engineering. 

From a sales office to an own subsidiary is a big step forward and a logical consequence of the market conditions. Many well-known, international users are based in Great Britain and Ireland, which is one of Europe ́s major locations for the machine vision industry. 

‘With an own subsidiary in the United Kingdom we want to reinforce and expand our presence in this important market and signal security, reliability and strength to our customers’, emphasises Marian Petrovic International Sales Director at IDS. 

Former Sales Director, Steve Hearn, is responsible for the UK business as branch manager of the new IDS Imaging Development Systems Ltd. He has extensive experience in the machine vision market and a good understanding for future developments. ‘The foundation of the limited company sends out a statement that IDS considers the UK market to be strategically important’, says Hearn. 

In establishing the branch, a new applications engineer has also been appointed and Steve Hearn is pleased with the new structure. ‘The investment in the company and new staff means that both new and existing customers can be fully supported on a local basis and helped to further develop their businesses in partnership’, he said. 

Apart from the new subsidiary in Great Britain and Ireland, IDS has its own branches in the USA and Japan as well as offices in France, the Netherlands and South Korea.


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