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iX Cameras of Woburn, MA, and Rochford, UK, a leading developer and manufacturer of highspeed imaging cameras, announces the addition of a new, value-priced camera to the premium ultra-high-speed i-SPEED 7 Series line. The new i-SPEED 713 is designed for a wide range of applications including drop testing, airbag testing and manufacturing, which demand the highest resolution but not necessarily the fastest speed available.

The affordable entry-level i-SPEED 713 upholds the engineering innovation, power and performance of the i-SPEED 7 Series, with a custom high-resolution 2048 x 1536 pixel sensor providing a maximum frame rate of 500,000 fps, combining for 13 GP/s throughput. With the addition of the i-SPEED 713, the i-SPEED 7 Series provides the market with a full spectrum of ultra-high-speed cameras to suit a wide range of applications and fulfill any speed or resolution requirements.

Peter Carellas, President and CEO of iX Cameras commented, “The i-SPEED 713 model is a welcome addition to our 7 Series line of ultra-fast, powerful cameras, and is part of the iX Cameras growth strategy to provide researchers and engineers with cutting-edge, affordable and easy-to-use high-speed cameras. The development of the new model has been a true collaboration between the iX engineering and sales team with customers to provide the market with a value priced high-speed camera to meet specific application needs.”

The i-SPEED 7 Series cameras are packaged in an instrumentation version or an optional rugged, High-G-rated version designed to resist shock. Added options include swappable SSD flash memory cartridges for quick data transfer and 1-hour batteries for field work and backup in the event of power failure.

Key Specifications of the i-SPEED 713: Custom CMOS 2048 x 1536 pixel sensor Full resolution to 4,260 frames/second 1080p resolution at 6,380 frames/second Ultra-fast 13 GP/s throughput Global electronic shutter to 1 μs Maximum frame rate 500,000 fps. 


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