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IQ:SL model

MAV Systems has expanded its MAV IQ range of intelligent ANPR cameras.

The MAV IQ range leads the market due to its ease of setup for multi-lane, multi-vehicle, high speed accurate license plate reading.  To match growing demand for installations where users want to focus on a single lane of traffic, MAV have now launched the IQ:SL model which shares the enhanced features of the trusted IQ and concentrates data capture into narrower lane widths giving a reduced entry price.

The IQ cameras all offer a superior level of quality and performance that continually evolves with added features to improve their performance in real-world situations. Recent additions have included the ability to create exclusion zones using a free-hand ‘image mask’ that can be used to filter out signage or unwanted traffic to meet the specific requirements of each site. Direction of travel reporting has also been improved to allow mapping of complex road layouts and deal with the actual vehicle’s movement without needing to define fixed lanes. All IQs provide comprehensive metadata for analysis and integration into a multitude of back office applications.

With up to 32GB of on-board memory, the IQs can store in excess of a million plates including colour overview and plate patch images. Each read can be sent immediately, but can also be accessed later using the IQs ‘store and forward’ feature. The IQ uses a variety of industry standard protocols, including JSON format for the complete metadata, and has the option to add multiple communication bearers to further support partner data management.

The level of control available throughout the MAV IQ range provides all partners with functionality that can be configured to meet unique site and project requirements. This ensures optimal performance for worldwide installations through the use of local syntax and varying LED wavelengths.

MAV have also launched an optional expansion module to compliment the whole MAV IQ range. The factory fitted module offers the chance to attach peripheral devices such as radar for speed indication added to each plate read; pan and tilt control for flexible deployments and relay output to activate barriers or signs. Additionally, the expansion module enables triggered ‘no plate’ images to ensure that even when a missing, damaged or unreadable plate is present, the IQ can still capture a colour image for later investigation.

Of the enhanced MAV IQ range Steve Walker, Managing Director of MAV Systems, commented: “The needs of our partners are continually driving us to achieve greater performance in challenging situations. There are very few businesses that have the level of technical capability, experience and knowledge to be able to react quickly to those needs; but through consistent research and development, we do so time after time. We are proud of our expanded MAV IQ ANPR range that offers a new benchmark of intelligent ANPR functionality for our growing partner network across all sectors worldwide.”

The enhancement and expansion of the MAV IQ range of Intelligent ANPR cameras has put MAV Systems Ltd at the forefront of the marketplace but, more importantly, has shown their ability to understand the real world challenges of their partners and provide them with the technology to meet them.


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