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HXC20NIR and HXC40NIR CMOS cameras

Baumer has introduced the HXC20NIR and HXC40NIR CMOS cameras, providing high sensitivity in the near-infrared range (NIR). The cameras are ideal for optical inspection of solar modules.

The models are highly sensitive at 900nm and therefore provide effective QC checks of solar wafers. The cameras are even more sensitive than systems with NIR-optimised CCD sensors, according to Baumer. These new developments are a response to industrial demand for shorter measuring times to increase throughput.

The HXC40NIR has a resolution of 4 Megapixels with a 1:1 (2,048 x 2,048) aspect ratio, making it optimal for inspection of square solar wafers. The wafer crystal structure is checked for defects using electroluminescence. The high resolution of the camera enables complete modules to be inspected with fewer cameras, thereby simplifying and reducing the cost of inspection.

The high-performance global shutter sensor from Cmosis with correlated double sampling (CDS) provides excellent image quality with low readout noise. In addition, several image formats with up to 12 bits per pixel are supported. The cameras are equipped with a flexible Camera Link interface that permits high frame rates in the Base (3 taps) and Full (10 taps) modes. The robust, industrial design of the cameras makes them extremely reliable and an optimised thermal concept allows them to be used throughout an expanded temperature range.


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