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VeriSens vision sensors for UR cobots

Baumer's VeriSens vision sensors can now control Universal Robots cobots. The new smart VeriSens vision sensors XF900 and XC900 control the collaborating robots (cobots) of Universal Robots within only a few minutes of setting up. The robot-compatible vision sensors are mounted directly on the cobot or above it. Thanks to the SmartGrid (patent pending), calibration in terms of image distortion, conversion into world coordinates, and coordinate alignment between the vision sensor and robot take place automatically and extremely easy. This eliminates the conventional required elaborate manual “hand-eye” calibration of the robot and vision sensor. This is not only more precise but also reduces the set up to a few minutes. The robot-compatible XF/XC900 models will be available from December 2019.

The installation and configuration of the vision sensors are transparent and easy to understand – via the specifically developed VeriSens URCap interface for robot control, only a few steps are needed to benefit from the diverse VeriSens image processing options. In the programming of the robot itself, only two additional commands (nodes) are necessary to allow a great number of applications across various industries to benefit from the advantages of Vision Guided Robotics. Instead of taught-in waypoints, free positions are used on which objects are then recognized visually. In addition, the already established functions can check object overlaps and gripper clearance. In addition, VeriSens vision sensors can, for example, verify free storage area, carry out quality controls of objects variably positioned in the provided space, as well as identify and measure objects.


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