HiPe SenS SWIR camera

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NIT officially releases its latest HiPe SenS SWIR camera featuring best in class performances for low light, long exposure time applications at an affordable price.

After a successful introduction at Photonics West, NIT launches HiPe SenS final version with a high level of performance.

The HiPe SenS benefits from our latest SWIR sensor - NSC1902T-SI featuring low noise operation and ultra-low dark current.

HiPe SenS dedicates to low light imagery and long exposure time applications. It can operate with an FPA temperature as low as -20°C only with internal air cooling. Also, the small form factor allows easy integration to microscope benches or any other optical devices. 

Among its best features are:

Lowest dark current of its class: <1500 e-/pixels/s @-20°C
High QE: 90% typical
Sensor noise: < 40e-
Integration time: 10 µs to 112 sec
Frame rate: Up to 230fps full frame

Being vertically integrated from sensor to camera manufacturing, NIT can offer the HiPe SenS camera at an affordable price compared to other products in the market.

The HiPe SenS is now available in the USB3.0 interface (HiPe SenS 640V-ST).

Image: atdigit/shutterstock.com

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