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Hawkeye Pro Precision

Available from Moritex the new Hawkeye Pro Precision range of rigid borescopes provide bright, clear, detailed, high-contrast images with plug-and-play versatility for video and digital photography.

Hawkeye Pro Precision borescopes have been upgraded to improve performance and operational utility/durability. These improvements include a patented lens system that lowers chromatic dispersion, a new objective lens with a wider field of view, an improved mirror adaptor for seeing around corners, improved scratch resistant mirror technology in the 90° mirror adaptor, and improved multilayered, broadband antireflection coatings on the objective lenses for truer colour reproduction.

The new SuperNova light source and LightConcentrator light post provide brighter, even, illumination making even challenging applications routine. The borescopes come in a wide range of sizes.


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