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Prosilica has released the new GC2450 GigE Vision camera. The compact GC2450 runs at 15fps with 2456 x 2048 resolution. The camera housing measures just 33 x 46 x 43mm.

The GC2450 uses Sony’s new 5-Megapixel ICX-625 progressive scan CCD sensor with global electronic shutter suitable for capturing high-speed motion events. Key features include: programmable exposure controls, area-of-interest readout (AOI), advanced binning modes, 12-bit readout, asynchronous external trigger and sync I/O, auto-iris control, and RS-232 peripheral port.

The RS-232 port could be used to control a pan-zoom-tilt unit; and the auto-iris capability covers the wide range of outdoor lighting conditions. Applications for the GC2450 include inspection applications, 3D measurement, food processing, aerial imaging, machine vision, and security applications.

To facilitate integration, Prosilica provides a free software development kit (SDK) for use on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, and QNX operating systems with support for both Intel- and Power PC-based platforms.


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