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Compact GE1050

Prosilica has expanded its range of GigE Vision cameras with the release of the GE1050 megapixel CCD camera. The GE1050 is a fast, high-resolution, CCD camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface capable of running at 60fps at 1000 x 1000 resolution and even faster using Area of Interest Readout (AOI). The camera incorporates Kodak’s new KAI-01050 megapixel, half-inch optical format, progressive scan CCD sensor with low-noise architecture, excellent smear performance, and electronic shutter.

The economically priced GE1050 is fitted with a C-mount with adjustable back focus and is available in colour or monochrome models. Applications for the GE1050 include industrial inspection, machine vision, medical imaging, ophthalmology, traffic imaging and OEM applications. 

The GE1050 incorporates an advanced set of camera features including  snapshot/global shutter, pixel binning, area of interest readout, external trigger and sync I/O, RS-232 peripheral port, exposure, and gain controls, non-volatile configuration memory, event recorder capability, pre-trigger recording, programmable strobe functions, multicasting, configurable IP addresses, auto-exposure and auto-white balance controls.


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