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Gazelle CMOS cameras

Point Grey has introduced its Gazelle series of Camera Link cameras, which the company says delivers an unsurpassed combination of size, speed and price. The high resolution, high frame rate CMOS image sensors by Cmosis include a  2.2MP 2/3-inch image sensor running at 280FPS, and a 4.1MP 1-inch sensor running at 150FPS, featuring low-noise global shutter and 5.5 micron square pixels.

The Gazelle is based on the same compact form factor as the Grasshopper camera, measuring just 44 x 29 x 58mm, and includes a C-mount lens holder. Featuring a Camera Link 680MByte/s digital interface, video output from the Gazelle is configurable in full 8-tap or base 2-tap modes. Other camera features include ROI and binning modes, and an 8-pin GPIO connector for power, trigger, strobe and serial I/O.


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