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Framos to conduct 10th annual market survey

Framos is once again conducting its 10th annual international market survey. This survey, entitled “Industrial Cameras, their Technical Features and the Market”, aims to assess the current status of the imaging industry and expected future developments from camera manufacturers and camera users. The FRAMOS market survey provides detailed analysis and future trends to support strategic decision-making.

This market study focuses on one of the most important product groups for imaging: industrial cameras and relevant components such as sensors and lenses. This focus translates into cameras that are predominantly used in systems with automatic image capture and automated image analysis. Examples of these applications are: automation and robotics, in both production and logistics, medical imaging, quality assurance, traffic monitoring, autonomous cars and drones.

CEO Dr. Andreas Franz explains the approach of the FRAMOS Market Study: “With the focus on industrial cameras, the survey delivers very consistent and meaningful results. The traditionally separated analysis of camera manufacturers and camera users provides transparency and more detailed results. Based on this, the participants are able to make deductions for their strategic decisions.”

The FRAMOS market study is available as an anonymous online questionnaire, in which the participants are asked about the main technical features of their installed cameras, or cameras currently manufactured. In addition, FRAMOS queries for the assessments on current and future camera developments, and about the most relevant challenges on their imaging journey. The online survey takes approximately 10 minutes and is available till September 15 at

Each participant obtains exclusive access to the comprehensive statistical results. Excerpts of the study results will also be published in the trade press. In appreciation for taking the survey, participants will have a chance to win one seminar attendance at the Image Experts Academy worth 1.490€, and one of 5 Amazon gift vouchers worth 50€.


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