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1300 and 5000 Python image sensor models

ON Semiconductor is now also introducing the successful 1300 and 5000 models of their Python image sensor family with half the frame rate and half the data ports. Customers benefit from cost savings of up to 55 % compared to the full frame rate versions.

The Python family of ON Semiconductor is particularly suited for Machine Vision applications, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), and inspection applications that require a high image quality and high speed with modern CMOS Global Shutter. The new Python 1300 and 5000 “P3” versions with half of the frame rate achieve 105 instead of 210 (Python 1300) and 46 instead of 100 frames per second (Python 5000).

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur of ON Semiconductors distributor FRAMOS explains the advantages: “P3 versions still achieve 105 and 46 frames per second with the same image quality. Cost savings of up to 55 % can be achieved for applications that must be fast, but do not require high speed. The data ports are reduced from 8 to 4 (Python 5000) and from 4 to 2 LVDS ports (Python 1300).”

Easy adaption of new sensors in industrial and traffic applications

Based on the scalability of the entire Python family, camera manufacturers can easily adapt the new sensors with the P3 versions to affordable camera models with high image quality at 4.8 µm pixel size, high sensitivity, dynamic range, and low noise as well as the advantages of CMOS technology. Customers with barcode and inspection tasks in the food industry as well as traffic applications benefit particularly from the higher efficiency of their systems.

The industry and product experts at FRAMOS use their knowledge from sensor to system to support customers in the integration of new sensors into their applications and projects with additional services, such as development support, customer-specific adjustments and logistics services.


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